Dues are $20

Online Payment Available Here

Printable Dues Form Available Here

Your 2018 membership dues ($20) should be paid now. All current and recently inducted members (2017 and earlier) must pay their dues for the 2018 year in order to continue to receive The Tom-Tom and in order to be eligible to attend lodge functions. You may pay your dues with the Dues Form available here or online here ($1 convenience fee charged for online transactions). If you have not yet paid your 2018 lodge dues, please do so right now.  

Read below for details on how to transfer membership or reactivate an expired membership. 

If you desire to transfer membership to Nawakwa Lodge from another lodge, or if you'd like to reactivate a previous membership in Nawakwa Lodge, please submit a completed Dues Form along with your payment and the (approximate) date that you completed your Ordeal (and the lodge name/number) as well as the dates you attained Brotherhood and the Vigil Honor (if applicable).  Online payment is NOT available for transfer situations.   [Nawakwa Lodge does not collect back-dues...paying the current year's dues will grant you up-to-date status.]
Why am I being asked to provide my BSA person ID? 

Beginning in 2006, the National Order of the Arrow Office is requiring that lodges verify that all lodge members are duly registered members of the BSA (as required by OA regulations). In order to do so, the lodge must match each name in its database with the appropriate name in SCOUTNET (the National BSA database). The easiest way to do this is by using each person's BSA Person ID as a unique identifier for matching. Your BSA Person ID is a unique number (like a social security number) that identifies you as a member of the BSA. Your BSA Person ID is usually a 7-digit or 9-digit number that is found under your name on your BSA membership card. It may also be obtained from the membership office at Heart of Virginia Council Headquarters (804-355-4306).

So, when you pay your lodge dues or register for a lodge event, please include your BSA Person ID in the appropriate blank on the form. Not only will this help your lodge with its obligations, but it will also help ensure that you continue to be an active member of the Order of the Arrow. Thanks!