Administration Committees

Member Services

  1. Unit Elections
    • Keep in touch with chapter Unit Election chairmen.
    • Provide information and training from National for Unit Elections.
    • Keep records of all Unit Elections in lodge.
  2. Maintain accurate and current records through Lodgemaster.
  3. Prepare membership reports for review at the monthly LEC meeting.
  4. Complete and carry out all necessary awards and recognitions.
  5. Keep track of and organize lodge awards and recognitions.
  6. Conducts the New Member Orientation meeting with the Lodge Chief or his designee.

OA Troop/Team Representative

  1. Attend, conduct, and/ oversee proper training as it becomes available or necessary.
  2. Contact chapter chiefs for chapter OA Troop Representative.
  3. Create and maintain a database of OA Troop Representatives inside all troops from the Chapter OA Troop Representatives.

Health Services

  1. Staffing health lodge and first aid stations.
  2. Encourages safe practices, and proper reporting accidents.
  3. Follow the Guide to Safe Scouting and National Accredited Camp Standards, and other scouting guidelines.

Food Service

  1. Plan menus for lodge functions.
  2. Prepare all food for lodge functions, meeting current health standards.
  3. See to the chapter chiefs sent members to assist in preparing and serving meals.
  4. Seek methods to improve food quality and service.
  5. Maintain clean conditions in the kitchen and chapters maintain cleanliness in the dining hall.
  6. Contact chapters to provide support for kitchen staff.

Chapel Service

  1. Plan and conduct Sunday Chapel service.
  2. Have a prayer said at all meals.
  3. Contact chapters to have help with Sunday chapel service.


  1. Oversee and maintain the museum and its inventory.
  2. Advertise new designs of memorabilia.
  3. Staff the museum as needed.


  1. Plan and conduct an annual Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) course.
  2. Plan and carry out other training sessions as requested.

Program Committees


  1. Plan and carry out the ordeal for ordeal candidates in accordance to national regulations and standards.
  2. Oversee the training and existence of an Elangomat corps for OA Service Weekends.
  3. Contact chapter chiefs for volunteers for Elangomat corps.


  1. Inform and encourage candidates to take Brotherhood.
  2. Provide a successful Brotherhood program.

Vigil Honor

  1. Form a committee for electing Vigil candidates.
  2. Contact Chapter Vigil Honor committees for chapter nominees.
  3. Plan and carry out an effective Vigil program according to national regulations and standards.


  1. Perform ceremonies according to national regulations and standards.
  2. Schedule practices for Ceremonies Team as needed.
  3. Promote NOAC and Conclave competitions.
  4. Work with Service and Brotherhood committees during service weekends for timing purposes.

Dance Team

  1. Plan and carry out dances at Lodge functions as appropriate.
  2. Oversee the crafting of authentic Native American Indian clothing and regalia.
  3. Demonstrate and compete as available and requested.
  4. Contact Chapters and Districts for demonstrations and serve as contact for interested Arrowmen to join.


  1. Oversee all lodge service projects.
  2. Trail Crew
    • Service and maintain trails on council property and any other trails as designated.
    • Maintain an inventory and proper storage of equipment used by the Trail Crew.

Special Events

  1. Coordination of events, forms, schedules, and double-knot for Fall Fellowship, Conclave, NOAC, OAHA, National Day of Service.


  1. Maintain high morale in the lodge at all lodge functions.
  2. Carry out a plan to win the Section’s Spirit Award.
  3. Plan and carry out a theme for Conclave.
  4. Create flyers and promotional material for any and all events necessary.

Communications Committees

Camp Promotions

  1. Update the “Where to go Camping Guide”.
  2. Inform the Lodge and submit a Tom-Tom article about council camping opportunities.

Electronic Communications

  1. Maintain the Lodge website.
  2. Maintain Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Advertise for upcoming events and opportunities at the National, Regional, Sectional, and Lodge levels.
  4. Research and trial run new forms of social media for the lodge to use.

Secretary (formerly Lodge Publications)

  1. Take minutes of all Lodge Executive Committee meetings other meetings designated.
  2. Share minutes with all Lodge Executive Committee members.
  3. Keep the lodge rules in order and reviewed annually by the Lodge Executive Committee.
  4. Present changes of lodge rules to LEC and general members
  5. Publish Handbook Insert and provide national, regional, sectional, and lodge information.
  6. Manage and share Best Practices of committees.
  7. Publish the Lodge newsletter; The Tom-Tom.
  8. Contact Chapter communications chairmen and Chapter reporters for articles for the Tom-Tom.


  1. Research marketing strategies that Lodge could use in the future.
  2. Promote and advertise for upcoming Lodge events.
  3. Ensure the Nawakwa brand is upheld in all products and services that are done.


  1. Draw up the annual budget based on committee and chapter budget requests.
  2. Give current reports of the status of the Lodge’s assets at each Lodge Executive Committee meeting.
  3. Upon receiving approval from the lodge, review all Chapter and other Lodge committee requests for financial support.
  4. Trading Post
  5. Fundraising
  6. Scholarship/Grants
  7. Promote proper scholarships.
  8. Plan presentation and distribution of grants.
    • Run the Camp Trading Post.
    • Maintain an accurate inventory.
    • Request designs for new memorabilia and regalia..
    • Find and promote fundraising opportunities for the lodge.
    • Suggest opportunities for committees and chapters to fundraise.