The Brotherhood and Ordeal Committees announced last year an endeavor to recognize service in the Lodge to those who serve as Nimats and Elangomats during the Service Weekends.  You will begin seeing the results of this initiative for those that were properly trained last year at Fall Fellowship.  Official training from the lodge committees is a prerequisite for receiving recognition items.

Recognition is presented in two phases.  The first will be a specially designed shirt presented to those members that completed training at the last Fall Fellowship and have committed themselves to service by serving in an Elangomat or Nimat role.  These shirts will identify their roles to the new Ordeal or new Brotherhood members.  The second phase of recognition will be to complete a passport of requirements while serving the Lodge in these capacities.  Once all of the requirements are successfully met, a unique pin will be presented and can be worn proudly on their lodge flap on their uniform.

There will be other opportunities for training during the year for those members interested and not yet trained.