2018 Conclave

Conclave will be in April hosted by Shenshawpotoo lodge at Camp Rock Enon. The cost is $55.00 per person. The theme to be announced. Our lodge goal is to have 200 Arrowman from the lodge to come to the Conclave. 

2016 – 2017 Lodge GOALS:

1. Establish an Elangomat and Nimat program to help improve retention among 1st and 2nd year arrow man.
2. Revamp the new member orientation program and committee palooza to make the events more informative, fun and engaging for Lodge members.
3. Select a suitable communications protocol to enhance LEC communications.
4. Expand the usage of both audio/video and Social media efforts to further enhance Lodge communications
5. Create a process in which Lodge members can provide creative and constructive feedback on lodge operations and events.
6. Plan and execute an LEC Retreat to better unify the LEC.

2016-2017 Lodge Officers


Lodge Chief: Trey
Lodge Chief:


Vice Chief of Communications:

Vice Chief of Administration:

Vice Chief of Program:

Lodge News:

Nawakwa Lodge leadership would like to acknowledge the fantastic cheerful service the following Arrowmen have provided, which we feel goes over and above what is asked of these individuals on a daily basis and truly represents our legacy in cheerful service.

In April, the Lodge sent a contingent of volunteers to the former Bayport Scout Reservation to bring home to Camp T. Brady Saunders and the Cub and Webelos Adventure Camp over 70 canvas tents, tent frames and platforms, along with other items purchased from the camp.  These items will be used to set up new camps and replace other aging tents in both camps.  These volunteers work an exhausting day breaking down, consolidating, and transporting a semi-tractor trailer load of the listed equipment back to HOVC.  We are truly grateful for their service and hard work all day in order to make our camps a better place!  

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2016 - Summer Service Weekend

June 3-5, 2016
Online Registration Available Here
Registration Form Available Here

The Summer Service Weekend is scheduled for June 3-5, 2016. The registration form can be downloaded here. The deadline for registration is Wednesday, May 25th.

The form above is NOT to be used by new Ordeal Candidates nor by those members eligible to attain Brotherhood status. Special invitations with registration forms will be sent separately via US Mail to people in these groups.

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